Competition & Results

November 2014 results

Competition Scratch Score: 75

November medal

The November medal was played in unseasonably good weather and was won by Ed McCosh with a nett 70 (86 less 16) which earns him an automatic 2 shot reduction in handicap.  Ed was already under scrutiny by the Handicapper having won the October medal too and when the Secretary saw him drive the 16th green during his round an additional shot reduction 'for the pot' was inevitable. One hundred years after the crowds flocked to Prestwick to see which of the Great Triumvirate would win his sixth Open one wonders how many will turn out to see if Ed can win 3 medals in a row? (The Handicapper's pencil is already sharpened and waiting - just in case!).

Pete Rivett was runner up with a 73 (88 less 15) with John Milligan a shot further back on 74 (86 less 12).

The Chairman and Secretary will play off for the scratch prize having tied with mediocre 81s.

The CSS was 75.

In the bogey competition, Ed McCosh and Pete Rivett tied - both being 5 up.

Competition Scratch Score: 75

November Medal (Blue tees)

Five players took part in the blue tee Medal and David Scott-Martin returned the best score with a 73 (91 less 18). David also won the bogey competition being 2 up.