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as you enter prestwick’s clubhouse the first thing you notice

is a swell of echoing laughter. the next is the rich tapestry

of golfing memorabilia that adorns the aged wood-panelled

walls. this is a place of history and fun, where artefacts from

golf’s past merge with infectious banter.

the charismatic Smoke room and charming Dining room

provide the stately settings for this heady mix. Upstairs the

cardinal lounge and restaurant offer a perfect counterbalance

of informality. all are served by attentive waiting staff working

in conjunction with skilled kitchens, and are made available to

visitors who are granted membership for the day.

Delightful in its tradition and rich in character, the clubhouse

is as much a part of the prestwick experience as is tackling the

famous course where theopen championship was first played.