In order to rest the fairways over the winter period when there is little or no growth, the Committee request that Members, Guests and Visitors follow the guidelines outlined below. This will greatly help the fairways recover in time for next season.

NORMAL PLAY (including Winter Foursome ties)

Players have the option of lifting the ball from the fairway and taking a preferred lie in the edge of the semi-rough or playing the ball from the fairway off a mat. Mats can be obtained prior to play from the Caddie Masters and should be returned on completion of the round. Mats can be used when playing from tees.


The ball should be played from the fairway making use, if necessary, of a preferred lie.

In taking a preferred lie, the ball should be marked and then placed within 6 inches not nearer the hole. The ball may be cleaned when lifted.


As rakes have been withdrawn because of the current Covid pandemic, a preferred lie may be taken in bunkers within 6 inches of where the ball lay. The sand may not be smoothed before taking the preferred lie. The introduction of this temporary local rule does not remove the obligation on players to smooth the sand after playing their shot when exiting the bunker.


The greenkeeping team will be undertaking various course repairs over the winter. This will include returfing revetted bunkers. Returfed areas will normally (but not always )be roped off and should be treated as Ground under Repair. A ball coming to rest on an area of returfed ground must be lifted and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of full relief from the returfed area.

Please also give consideration to greenkeepers who are working on the course and do not hit shots if they are in range until they acknowledge your presence.


Members who have permission to use a buggy over the winter months should be aware that buggies have the potential to cause damage to the course under certain weather conditions. Accordingly, there may be occasions when the use of a buggy has to be prohibited on some days. Unfortunately, it may prove impossible to give a lot of advance warning as it really depends on the prevailing weather conditions on the day. The Head Greenkeeper and Deputy Head Greenkeeper (or in their absence, The Secretary) are responsible for determining whether or not buggies may be used each day.