1864 - 1865 - 1864 – 1865


Tom Morris leaves Prestwick to return to St Andrews. His place as Keeper of the Green is taken by Charlie Hunter.


This year there was a cash prize of £6 for the winner, in addition to the honour of holding the Challenge Belt. Tom Morris scored his third victory to become the first winner to receive a cash prize. Morris scored 167, to win by two strokes from Andrew Strath, with Park in fourth place.


Official scorecards were used in the Open for the first time, and the Park/Morris monopoly was broken. Andrew Strath of St Andrews, who was to die three years later, aged 32, scored 162, beating Morris’ record aggregate by one stroke and finished two strokes in front of Park. Tom Morris Jnr played his first Championship aged 14 but withdrew from the third round having scored 60 and 57. His father scored 57 and 61 over the same two rounds.