1868 - 1869 - 1868 – 1869


A clubhouse is built at a cost of £758 in Links Road beside the course. Harry Hart is appointed Secretary of the Club, a post he holds until retiring in 1903. Charlie Hunter returns to the Club as Custodian of the Green, serving the Club for the next 53 years until his death in 1921.

The first victory of Tom Morris Jnr at the age of 17 with a score of 154 – three strokes ahead of his father. Young Tom remains the youngest ever winner of a major golfing championship.


Tom Morris Jnr defends his title with a score of 157 – eleven strokes better than the runner up, Bob Kirk, with 168. He began with a first round of 51, including the first Championship hole in one at the 8th, the Station hole. In the third round he established a new record of 49 for the course. He returned a new record low aggregate of 154, the previous best being 162 by Andrew Strath in 1865. His father finished runner up three strokes behind.