1881 - 1882 - 1881 – 1882


Bob Ferguson, a one-time Caddie from Musselburgh scored the second of three victories in a row, winning by three strokes with an aggregate of 170. The high score and the low entry of only 8 players was entirely due to the weather, as the Championship was played on the day of the Great Storm, which caused the lives of 180 fishermen round the coasts of Scotland. Ferguson, incidentally, came close to equalling the four-in-a-row record of Tom Morris Jnr, losing the 1883 play-off by one stroke to Willie Fernie when he finished with a 4 to Fernie’s 2.


The 12-hole course is extended to 18 holes, retaining six of the greens and three holes from the original course. Two years later, Jack Simpson wins the first Open to be played on this longer course.