Caddies – what can you expect from your caddie?

  • He will be courteous and helpful
  • He will be genuinely interested in your golfing experience at Prestwick
  • He will give accurate distances to the front of the green
  • He will advise on clubbing through the green
  • He will give lines when putting
  • He will attend the flag as requested
  • He will repair divot marks
  • He will rake bunkers
  • He will keep your clubs clean and dry
  • He will do his best to locate balls hit off the fairway
  • He will have knowledge of the course, its history and matters of interest

Pgcpros18Caddies – fees

All caddie fees must be paid in cash on completion of the round and made directly to the caddie. Gratuities are made at the player’s discretion and should be based on the level of service provided. As a general rule, a gratuity of £10 would be appropriate. If a caddie has assisted others in the group, at the player’s request, then a higher gratuity would be justified.

Caddie fee - £50 plus gratuity

If the players in a group do not wish to use a caddie, using a fore-caddie is an excellent alternative. A fore-caddie’s job is to keep the group moving by keeping track of all balls in play and letting each player know where his or her ball is located. The fore-caddie assists with club selection, green reading, yardages and pace of play.

Fore-Caddie fee (per group) - £70 plus gratuity